Firebird Tandem

The new Firebird Tandem Main Canopy is a slightly elliptical zero-p canopy, which is outfitted with 1050 lbs vectran lines unless requested otherwise. We recommend vectran lines because they don't extend as much as…

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Certified under ETSO C23d and TS0 23d

The new Rush 7-cell reserve canopy was developed for the demands of today's skydiving. The construction is the result of the latest 2D/3D technology. Its performance was researched, tested and fine-tuned through a multitude of high-speed droptests…

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Our 9-cell tandem reserve

The Quick Reserve 400 is a 9-cell rectangular tandem reserve canopy made from 0-3cfm fabric. Construction and design are optimized for the latest generation of tandem containers. It provides low packing volume and excellent…

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